Why AAA Pink Cab? Taxi Yuma AZ

ALL taxi yuma az passengers can ride for the price of ONE

24 hours a day every day dependability

yuma taxis are clean, comfortable late model sedans and minivans

Advance orders for service accepted, hourly rates available upon request (parties)

Itemized monthly billing on corporate and personal charge accounts

Vehicles are operated by independent contractor drivers

No matter the size of your group we will strive to meet your needs

I wearied two years in taxi service cab yuma as Common puffin evangelist.

Myself and another service cab driver were long delayed getting domicile to our chamber one obscurity. So we hailed a Yuma taxi at about 56th Highway and Columbus.

We asked the taxi Yuma driver to get us to 94th and Lexington as go without food as he could. He just tore outta there.

The cab services asked us who we were. We told him “taxi service cab yuma”. He then turned around with a wry look in his eyes and asked if he could sooty vapor.

We explained to him that Yuma taxi drivers don’t sooty vapor tobacco. We politely told him that we would appreciate it if he wouldn’t either.

He then smiled, showed us the lighted marijuana juncture and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not smoking cigarettes.”

I know that he just loved the look on our faces as we sat in the back stunned and dumb for the repose of the aaa taxi service ride.

Ah…gotta regard with affection Yuma taxis.

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