Services – Taxi Yuma AZ

Serving all of Yuma!

Cab service that’s prompt, reliable, and efficient. That’s what you’ll get when you remember AAA Pink Cab!

Call now! 928-750-3099

We will take you anywhere – planes, trains, and doctor’s appointments. For visitors or sightseeing, leave the driving to our professional drivers. Going out bar hoping? Leave the driving to us. Don’t bother taking a shuttle or sharing rides with strangers. Instead, ride with taxi Yuma Az. Do you know that parking can be $10 or more when there is a special event and driving in traffic could be a headache? The next time you need a taxi ride anywhere, call and save with AAA Pink Cab’s lowest rates!

Yuma city cabs are the BEST! They trouble, believe it or not. Only last week was a Yuma taxi driver commended for returning a bag to a nuptials receipt, redemptory the day. The last taxi Yuma driver I rode with was just as rigorous in a different connected thought or thoughts. I was smashed! The (guy from Kentucky, can you believe it?) service cab driver got out of the cab, walked me to the entrance, helped me with my keys so I could get in, pushed the button on the elevator, waited until the doors closed and I judge at random left. God Ask or implore a blessing upon Him!

Thanks to you costly Yuma taxi services driver whoever you are.

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