Who we are!

Call now! 928-750-3099! When you need prompt, dependable transportation, you can count on AAA Pink Cab for your Yuma taxi.    Yuma taxis have a reputation to for being unreliable.  We are your Yuma cab service who strives to break the mold.  928-750-3099 At AAA Pink Cab, we have a deep commitment to serve the public and provide dependable, first-rate Yuma taxi service.  When you call for a reservation, you’ll find our dedication to quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction immediately evident.

Call Now! 928-750-3099

You’ll also find our vehicles to be clean and well-maintained. In addition, our courteous, professional taxi cab drivers are available to drive you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience. Whether you need a dependable, hassle-free cab ride to the airport or a quick, last-minute pick up, we are just a phone call away!


taxi service cab yuma

If it were not for one taxi Yuma airport driver a few months ago I would not be connubial. You see, my espousals was scheduled for elevated noon, and the service we had palm and fingers sharp for reliableness was not advent through. While staying at the house of god on 33rd and 2nd, I got vocable that my bride to be was ashore in mid-village because the aaa taxi service was a no exhibit. However, within a few minutes a Yuma taxi pulled up and out shape within came the smiling, fine bride to be, resplendent with the ride. In her eyes no limo compared. As I found out latter, the taxi Yuma az driver saw her on the restraint, stopped and asked if he could help. Excited that he was title to a espousals, he readily through on a tie (why he had one in the Yuma taxi is riddle), and sped off to the house of god. He could not have been more beneficial and excited. In event the pictures taken of my wife exiting the Yuma taxi cabs, with him helping her to the restraint, are the highlights off our espousals photos. Evidently, she was the first bride he had carried in his lengthy race as a cab taxi Yuma driver in Yuma after advent more than from Italy thirty years anterior. A truly what it purports to be Yuma actual feeling.


  1. Eleanor · November 29

    THE BEST Cab Company in Yuma!
    Courteous, friendly, clean cabs and reliable.
    I won’t call anyone else!


  2. Phil Brooks · September 4

    Do you provide service from Yuma airport to Imperial Dam LTVA


    • mjb4ex · September 4

      We would love to provide service for you to Imperial Dam. Give us a call at (928)750-3099


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